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My personal journey and spiritual path has awakened and unleashed my Spiritual Gifts from the Universe and offers me great fulfillment in the service to others.

How may I be of service?

J. "Nataki " Rivers

I provide services in unlimited capacities:

Light Worker

Professional Quantum Light Property Clearer & Teacher

Spiritual Practitioner,  Facilitator & Trainer

Health & Wellness Consultant

Certified Project Manager, .....

Photograph by Tavars 

I am a Spiritual Warrior

My story begins with my inner thirst for truth and wisdom.  I was raised in a traditional Christian family in a very rural setting in the low country with a plethora of cousins and friends. There within me was a knowing of something magical happening which did not quite fit with what I was learning in church or school. The Elders in the community held a faith and knowing that appeared much deeper than what they were able or willing to explain.  My teachers across all levels influenced my continual love for education and learning. Therefore, I traveled the traditional paths in higher education which created even more wonderment about life.  Teaching in higher education challenged me to be creative to bring forth wisdom to help elevate my students as I evolved.  As I continued to question and ask to be guided in wisdom, my own resistance, however, was met with challenging lessons. I stumbled and fell while continuing to grasp onto the delusion. Guidance from a gifted spiritual teacher started me on the path of forgiveness. 

My first clearing of the home of a childhood friend after her challenging divorce, resulting in the sale of the home after sitting on the market for almost a year guided me in the path of a energy medicine and  a Light Worker, Spiritual Adviser, Teacher and Mentor. 

  I truly enjoy the work of assisting others on their path of enlightenment, awareness and self healing.  Click here to begin or continue your journey.



Spiritual Warriors

Life offers us the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior.

A warrior is one who bravely goes into the dark areas within themselves to ferret out their Truth of their being.

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