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Lightworker's Journey & Mentoring  - Level One

Reserve Your Seat NOW

Lightworker's Journey & Mentoring  - You As An Alchemist

For those who feel the call to be of service and or want to be more inalignment with their purpose

YOU Are Who We've Been Waiting For

A Six Weeks Journey to The Healer Within

Lightworkers come from all walks of life:education, medical, legal, laymen, technology and YOU.
 Often times forgetting their soul's mission and purpose.  

This Six Weeks Journey is designed to assist you in realigning with your authentic self to align with joy, freedom and divine manisfestations from the Highest expression of Yourself. 

Level One: The Path of the Alchemist: 

Learn how to explore your beliefs and attachments
Develop Tools to Transmute negative thought forms
Reconnect to Your Body Intelligence for reconnection for guidance
Enhance Inutitive Gifts

The Journey includes:

An initial Individual Soul Clearing to remove intrusive energies and blockages

Weekly Group Sessions: 1.5  hour Classroom training to raise awareness

One/One Mentoring to explore your unique challenges.

Bi -Weekly Group Soul Clearings to facilitate the removal of on-going emotional releases for deper introspection

Free Attendance to Conscious Conversations (A bi-weekly forum)

***Classes are recorded in the event you want to review information****

Group Classroom Sessions  are held  via Zoom Virtual Classroom

Prerequisites: A Strong Commitment to Change and release old programming.

Essentials for Your Journey & Success

Attributes: A Willing Attitude, Commitment / Honesty / Openness

Training Cost:

A $2955 Limited Time Offer of:  $599.00(Reserve your Seat NOW) 

$250 Deposit required

You may submit payment via website:


You may email me for Invoice to Submit payment.
Please feel free to contact me for additional questions
 or text via whatsapp  +1 678-357-5171 to start your Journey

Thank You for answering the Call!!!!

The Ancestors Applaud You!!!

We Love Every Minute of Your Journey!!!

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