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Nataki Onyemachi
 (formerly J. Nataki Rivers)

Lightworker, Health & Wellness Consultant, Group Facilitator,
Certified Professional Life Coach /Integration Coach / Spiritual Mentor & Mindfulness Practitioner, Conference Presenter,
Energy Practitioner & Metaphysics Teacher
Certified Project Manager, .....


My spiritual journey begins with my inner thirst for wisdom and self radical healing. As a Native American of the low country, descendant of the Edisto Indians Indigenous and Gullah/Geechee people, I was raised in a village with wise Elders, a plethora of cousins and wonderful friends


 There within me was always a deeper knowing of something more than what I learned in church and school. The Elders in the community held a faith and knowing that appeared much deeper than what they were able to express and put into words. Although very challenged with resources in the rural K-12 school , my teachers were very nurturing and influenced my continual love for education & learning. Therefore, I traveled the traditional paths into higher education acquiring a Bachelor and Master Degrees in Business Administration. I worked in urban communities serving families & children in public and non-profit organizations.  However, my work as a  professor in higher education would challenge me to be very creative in order to  bring forth wisdom to my students as I felt the education system was not really preparing them for life as it did not really prepare me especially as my consciousness began to shift.  Questions about "Who Am I" became stronger.  As answers began to be revealed, my own resistance created many challenging lessons. I stumbled, fell and looked death straight in the eyes while continuing to grasp the illusion of what I thought I knew. Guidance by many gifted spiritual teachers assisted me on my path of self discovery,  radical  self-forgiveness and spiritual gifts. This awakened my dormant gifts and passion in the field of energy medicine. 


My first Home clearing of my childhood friend after a challenging divorce, resulting in the sale of her home, guided me deeper in the path of metaphysics and energy work. 

I truly enjoy the work of assisting others on their path of spiritual awakening, self awareness  and the journey to your authentic self.


instagram: @natakionyemachi

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Spiritual Warriors

Life offers us the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior.

A warrior is one who bravely goes into the dark areas within themselves to ferret out their Truth of their being.

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