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The Frequency of Peace

We are indeed living in uncertain times with many things out of control.

However, the one thing we can control is ourselves.

We can control our minds; What we intake consciously and  unconsciously.

We can control our words; How we speak to self and others.

We can control our bodies; What we ingest, digest & our personal and spiritual hygiene

We can control our breath; How we inhale and exhale and move through each moment



Conscious Living

Conscious living involves being fully awake and present in the here and now. How many times have you gone throughout the day without gazing at the flowers, trees or engaging the individual standing next to you. Did you notice anything different enroute to work today? Do you remember the colors your children or spouse wore today? Was there anything unique about the waiter or waitress who served you today? How many people did you engage in meaningful conversation outside of work? What did you eat for lunch, dinner?

Your health is very important to the process of returning to conscious living and integrating new ways of being and knowledge. Our bodies are intelligence. We have yet to understand this magnificent and powerful ally. Below are some recommended health tips as we reconnect to this intelligence.


There is no time like now to reconnect with the Earth. Grounding has incredible health benefits to include the reduction of stress. You may sit on the ground or walk barefoot for 20 minutes, or sit with your back against the tree. Earth welcomes your re-connection.

Fermented Veggies

Fermented foods are rich in probiotic and helps with maintaining a healthy gut and inner eco-system. The second brain is in fact our gut. Fermenting is a process which allows the increase of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. The fermented veggies contain live enzymes which works with our bacteria to keep our gut & body healthy and balanced.


A fermented tea used by many cultures for thousands of years. Fizzy and served chilled, this helps with energy and weight loss.

You can also learn to make your own. There are many sources on the internet for which you may research.

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