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 Mentoring Program

My awakening to my true self and conscious journey came with some surprises. Although very excited about transformation, growth and enlightenment,  I soon realized a change of appetite to the familiar surroundings, i.e., conversations, desires, taste of entertainment, etc.  As old beliefs deconstructed, I experienced what felt like loneliness. As wisdom increased I understood, "elevation sometimes requires separation", until we are able to integrate and stand in our truth.  How do we separate and engage in life?  I soon realized there are many others on the path of enlightenment at various stages of development and often feel as they are traveling alone.  

These Mentoring packages are wholistic approaches to work with you and your environment 

The Mentoring Packages are 4 weeks, guided protocol to assist  and provide the needed support and tools as you move through your journey to  self discovery with greater joy and ease.

The protocol includes:

  Soul Clearings (2), A Property Clearing (primary residence up to 4999 sq ft), up to 1  hour weekly consultations


Soul Translation readings (4), up to 1 hour weekly consultations, Property Clearing (primary residence up to 4999 sq ft), Vehicle Clearing (1)

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