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Personal Empowerment begins with a conscious decision to grow, change, heal, evolve and transform and improve any aspect of your life for greater peace and joy.  It really is as simple as a "choice."   Often times it begins with a nagging feeling that something feels "out of sort". Or you maybe experience what you call "A bad string of luck".  You may begin to question things that are happening within and around you.  And most times the feelings are so vague that is is hard to put into words.  During these times you are trying to just figure it out while you continue to move through your daily obligations. 
You are looking for answers.  But What is the Question? 

  In each quantum experience, we are making choices consciously or unconsciously. Consciously choosing to take a different path or stay stagnant. 

We help facilitate your path....

Emotional, Mental &  Physical Trauma:
Grief, Loss, Death, Divorce, Change

Release Stagnated Energy & Blockages

Facilitate Inner Child Healing & Hidden Traumas

Shadow Work (Ego Healing Technology)

Aligning with Your Spiritual Gifts / Purpose

Connection to One's Authentic / True Self

Expanded Understanding on the Meaning of Your Life

 Your Soul's Mission and Purpose Journey Exploration

Developing a Heart Centered approach in Resolving Problems




Everything is energy. Our thoughts (conscious or unconscious), words, actions and experiences are all energy. Our work is to assist you in deepening your awareness so that you can take control of your destiny.   We work with you to nurture awareness by addressing  many of the hidden thought forms, beliefs, trauma, ptsd,  layers of un-forgiveness, stored anger,  social determinants lodged in your subtle bodies and memory that are roadblocks (perceived or real) in your path to your authentic self. 

As we embark upon this journey our ability to enjoy, focus, create and engage fully with greater confidence in every aspect of our life is enhanced. 

Other benefits may include 

Improved Relationships (Home & Work), Emotional intelligence, Interpersonal skills 

Greater Clarity & Creativity  & Groundedness




Welcome to Energy Healing.....




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Complimentary Virtual Grief Group Sessions

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