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Complimentary Virtual Grief Group Sessions

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Grieving is an essential part of your healing journeyPlease register below

The Grieving Journey......


Often an unconscious way of protecting yourself from the overwhelming emotional trauma. Avoiding the truth.


Resistance, resentment and bitterness to yourself and others.


Trying to make sense of the situation."Perhaps if I did something different then........"


A deep sadness often taking yourself through isolation and alienation to family and friends.


Opening yourself and facing the situation.

These Complimentary Virtual Group Grief Sessions offered to assist you in your healing journey: Death, Divorce, Job Lost, Illness and Sudden Changes.

Space is limited so Reserve your space today. Please register Below


Meet your Facilitator

As a Native American of the low country, descendant of the Edisto Indians Indigenous and Gullah/Geechee people of the Carolinas, I was raised in a village with loving grandparents, wise Elders, a plethora of cousins and wonderful friends. We experienced a wealth of village support during our most challenging times.  Today, the sense of community and support is often lost as families and communities dynamics changes. This has inspired me to continually be of service to strengthen individuals & communities through the grieving process. 


Lightworker, Health & Wellness Consultant,
Conference Presenter,
Integration Coach & Spiritual Mentor 


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