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Soul-work are tools, processes and healing technologies used to assist us with coming into alignment with our soul's journey. We all have a mission and purpose to be the highest expression of our true selves, to experience joy, peace and happiness in every aspect of our lives. We are here to participate in Life's University, to thrive and contribute to the shift in consciousness. There are no such thing as coincidences. You've come to this page for a reason and I am delighted to be of service. Everything we experience is of our own making. We really do create our own reality. Often times we are unaware of our magnificent selves and so we settle for living small, under the radar and doing that which is acceptable by the masses and ordinary. This creates a complacency which in time will reveal itself as a lack of well-being, unhealthy habits, relationships and unhappiness. Something within you feel out of sorts and so creating more distractions, staying busy is often the path to dull and ignore the pain and or dissatisfaction. We have been told and sold that we are 'beings of habit' and this belief keeps us from living extraordinary lives. If you are ready to stretch your spiritual muscles and travel the road less traveled, then let the journey begin. If none of this resonates for you, then close this site for now and return when you are ready for a journey unto the unknown; that part of you that is asking for enlightenment, awakening, something different. If this does resonates for you, then click below to begin your journey!!!​

Your Journey Begins Now....

Mentoring Programs are unique to your journey. We engage in weekly conversations to facilitate greater awareness of your soul path and or challenges to overcome. It is an opportunity for you to be heard. This program is tailored specifically for you and answers to your higher self . Some mentoring programs may include recommendations for other services to clear interference to allow the new frequencies you want to experience.

Soul Clearing allows for greater clarity and aids in the healing process of releasing intrusive energies and debris cause from subconscious thought forms and past stored emotions which are no longer beneficial for you. These non beneficial energies create blocks in your energetic body . These blockages often times reveal itself as stress, weight gain, unhealthy relationships (personal or work), fatigue, brain fog, dis-ease, illness, lack of motivation, etc.

Soul Clearings benefits:

Release of hidden stress, anger & unforgiveness

Healing of past life time traumas & family patterns

Gain Greater Clarity

Enhanced Creativity

Overall Well-being (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)

Consultation (Intuitive Reading) is a 1 hour exploratory conversation to engage with you to sort through specific issues underlying or hidden and or to provide guidance and insight to next steps. This exploratory conversation allows you a voice to all that is hidden within and helps you gain greater clarity about the next steps which may be most advantageous for your forward movement.

Soul Translation is the deeper understanding of your Soul's journey in this life time and provides insight on what is required for you to be in alignment with your soul's purpose. Other questions answered are: Life Purpose for this life time? Life Lessons? Hidden Thought forms? What special gifts do you possess? What are the root causes of stubborn hard to break habits or health issues? Each of these questions are addressed individually in a reading.

Chakra Illumination removes energy blockages. There are seven (7) main energy centers: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. These energy centers are called Chakras and they assist in regulating and influencing our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. Blockages may appear as many things and some may include feelings of insecurity, inability to connect with your emotions or over emotional, lack of self expression, creativity blockages, focus, procrastination, unhealthy sexual behaviors or lack of sexual drive, etc. 

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